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Welcome to the Folkestone Repeater Group

The Folkestone Repeater Group is a totally independent non-profit group.
We are a voluntary organisation - everyone from the group is interested in supporting repeaters for the Folkestone area. All Committee Members give their time freely and we do not receive any funding from any other body.

FRG News and information

Repeater Status
GB3FK 2m - On Air no problems Reported, Echolink Online
GB7FK B - DSTAR ON AIR - Very Sensitive and working well
GB7FK C - DSTAR  ON AIR - New antenna & feeder to be installed soon
GB7DX B - DSTAR OFF AIR - Site move currently in progress Sept 2014
MB6IFK - Not on Air Yet - Fusion Simplex Test gateway


The 2 repeaters link together automatically between 4:30pm and 6:30pm 7 Days a week for our local net, Please feel free to join in, we normally start around 5pm.



GB7FK Blog updated regular

GB7DX Blog updated regular


Dover Radio Rally 15th March 2015

Plans are being made for the Dover Radio Rally 2015, it will be held at Whitfield Village hall on the 15th March 2015. Full details are here on The Rally Information section of the website come and visit the Folkestone Repeater Group Stand to find out more about GB3FK, GB7FK, GB7DX.

The July 2014 newsletter is now available for download.

Click here to download (Adobe PDF File)



Lots of work has been carried out on GB7FK-B it has never worked this well since the repeater was put on. It is now a very sensitive repeater. low power handheld reports from a very good distance.
Great to see levels of activity increasing again too.

Thanks to Don G4TKR for his usual help, also to Peter G3MLO for the donation of Heliax, Its made a big difference.

GB7CF Has a licence!

Output frequency: 439.5125MHz  RX Frequency: 430.5125MHz

On the air 28/1/14 - initially as a stand alone DSTAR Repeater. Internet connectivity
to follow soon.

This repeater fills in Folkestone nicely for handheld users


The new GB3FK Mast has arrived

The New GB3FK Mast has arrived and we are currently having it installed. The project is due to be completed by the winter. A new commercial antenna has been purchased and will be installed at the same time.
Thanks to everyone that has helped so far, and the sponsors which will be listed on the website soon.

Update 3/10/13 - The mast post is in the ground and the mast is up! - We have another session to do in a this coming week to install the new antenna and coax. Thanks to Westlake electronics for the great price on the LDF 450 Coax and connectors, and the excellent delivery arrangements. 

Update 6/10/13 - The new antenna is up, and new feeder has been installed. We will see how it performs over the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone that helped out to get this project complete. Thanks especially to Tom M0HAX for all of his organising and hard work, its much appriciated.

12/10/13 - Another morning working on the repeater. A few more changes, lets see how we get on! :)

19/10/13 - Removed antenna with a fault, awaiting replacement. In the mean time - back to a temp antenna.

26/10/13 - New antena installed, also found the source of the noise. hopefully ok now! good reports so far

27/10/13 - Mast lowered due to the storm

28/10/13 - 5pm Mast back to normal height!

18/11/13 - QRM Appearing on the repeater now and then, normally in the evenings, investigations underway, however nothing has been heard last few days.


Listen Live to GB3FK here!



A new antenna was installed during April 2013, along with new feeder and connectors. We have found a pulsing sound on the input, which is causing us problems. It is broadband noise, and we know where it is coming from! - a neighbour. We are currently investigating.
1/9/13 - Coverage seems to be better with the new antenna. Thanks to Neil M0VDC for his reports from Dover, And Olaf DD4KO for his reports from his holiday home in France!

The GB3FK Echolink Handbook

We are pleased to announce that the GB3FK Echolink Handbook is now available. The booklet contains information about GB3FK, how the repeater works, how echolink works on the repeater, how to install echolink on your home PC or smartphone and much more. the handbook is available to purchase online, it is printed in A5 Format. Price is just £6.00 per copy, postage is £1.50
GB3FK Echolink presentations are scheduled at both Folkestone and Dover during April and May 2013, where the booklets will also be on sale. Please do buy a booklet, all proceeds towards the Folkestone Repeater group.

GB7FK DSTAR Handbook

Due to the Success of the GB3FK Handbook, work is underway for a DSTAR version. It is likely to be available during 2014


Regular Nets

The FADARS - (Folkestone and District amateur radio society) Meet on GB3FK every Monday (except the first Monday of the month) The Net time is at 19:30hrs. Please feel free to join in via RF, or via Echolink, all are welcome.

We are hoping to hook up with the Maidstone club net which takes place on a Thursday evening. more details soon. The Maidstone club currently have the net via the following nodes:-

Callsign     Frequency           CTCSS          Node          Location

MB7IMS    145.2875 Mhz      77.0 Hz         265553      Maidstone
MB7IPH    145.2375 Mhz      77.0 Hz         254459      Headcorn


Please consider donating towards the Folkestone Repeater group. At present we are doing many upgrades including internet linking, and during the summer months replacing the antenna and feeder on GB3FK.


News March 2013

GB3FK Had new filters installed 1/3/2013 - We are now back to normal coverage, and slightly better on TX and RX. Plans for a new antenna during the summer months.


Internet Linking

M6AFC tried using the IPhone on the Highspeed train 25/2/13 Via GB3FK, - it Worked well! well done Lee!
GB3FK is linked to the Internet using Echolink Node Number is 821880. Please ensure you leave gaps to allow stations from the internet to join in the QSO. Echolink is available from the Apple Apps Store. and also available for Android devices. The system is working very well, with lots of activity and interest from locals.


Weather Station at the Site of GB7FK


Fund Raising 2014

We are already planning for some fundraising events during 2014, more details soon.

Thanks to our previous Sponsors for raffle prizes - ICOM UK, WSPLC, and Williams Radio and electrical.

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