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Welcome to the Folkestone Repeater Group

The Folkestone Repeater Group is a totally independent non-profit group. We provide FM and Digital repeaters to allow Radio amateurs to communicate in the area. If you are interested in becoming a Radio amateur or would like to know more visit and view the courses pages.

Everyone from the group is interested in supporting repeaters in the Folkestone area. All group Members give their time freely and we do not receive any funding from any other body. We have no committee and no formal structure, anyone is free to suggest ideas but overall decisions are down to the respective registered repeater keeper. Pictured below is GB3FK, The groups first repeater which first went on the air in 2004.

FRG News and information

Repeater Status
Last updated: Friday 24-Mar-17
GB3FK 2m - ON AIR - Echolink is ONLINE
GB7FK C - DSTAR  ON AIR - Low Power
GB7DX B - Ashford DSTAR On Air 24/3/17
GB7CF - Folkestone FUSION Repeater  - On Air 21/3/15
GB7CK - DMR Repeater Capel Cliffs - On the air 5/9/15
GB7AS - DMR Repeater for Ashford - On air 7/5/16
MB7UF - Folkestone APRS Digi - On the air
MB7IAS - Fusion Node in Ashford, Run by G0PHO -
On the air
MB7USB - APRS Digi in Ashford, Run by G0PHO - On Air



Hopefully GB7DX will be back on the air providing coverage to Ashford and surrounding areas from March 2017. It will start off in stand along mode and reconnected to the gateway very soon.


Regular Meetings

The group plan to have more regualr meetings from spring 2017. More information soon.


Dover Radio Rally

The Dover Radio Rally was a real success. Thanks to Carey 2E0NEC for looking after the Folkestone Repeater Group stand. Carey spoke to many users of the repeaters, and sold many of our "quick guides" for all modes.


DSTAR Reflector for the South East UK

The South East now has its own DSTAR Reflector - Reflector 79c. You can use this reflector via any DSTAR Repeater (GB7IC, GB7HE, GB7FK) or via a Hotspot / dongle. Please spread the word and lets get people talking again on DSTAR in East Kent


GB7AS Now with backup power

GB7AS now has battery backup installed. This will keep things going nicely during power outages.
Thank you to Colin G0PHO for his donation of a large battery.


Folkestone Repeater Group Repeaters and Digi's

GB3FK FM Repeater is located in Folkestone, Keeper is M1CMN
GB7CF Fusion Repeater is located in Folkestone, Keeper is M1CMN
GB7FK DSTAR Repeater is located in Capel, Keeper is M1CMN
GB7CK DMR Repeater is located in Capel, Keeper is M1CMN
GB7AS DMR Repeater is located in Ashford, Keeper is M1CMN
MB7UF APRS Digi is located in Folkestone, Keeper is G6ZNW
GB7DX DSTAR Repeater is located in Ashford, Keeper is G0GCQ

Other Nodes and Digi's
MB7IAS - Fusion Node located in Ashford, Keeper is G0PHO
MB7USB - APRS Digi located in Ashford, Keeper is G0PHO


FRG Meeting 24th November 2016

This event was a real success, thank you all for coming.

DMR Quick guides now available £2.50 each
Fusion Quick guides now available £2.50 each

Ideal Christmas present!!

Contact M1CMN For details.

Echolink and DSTAR Quick guides will be available soon.

Dates for 2017 meets will be posted here soon.


GB3FK / GB7CK now with backup Power 

GB3FK Now has backup power. A large Leisure battery keeps things running when mains power fails. The West Mountain Radio power gate is a great device, which automatically switches the repeaster to backup supply in the event of a power failure. when power is restored it switches back, and also tops the battery supply back up. GB7CK DMR Repeater has a battery backup circuit built in, and is now connected to a leisure battery as well.


DMR Local Linking - S2 TG9

GB7AS Local TG9 Slot 2 is linked to GB7CK Local TG9 Slot 2 and also GB7EK Local TG9 Slot 2 Local to create a good local network for chat. Its working very well.


GB7AS - Ashford DMR Repeater

On air 7/5/16 and connected to the Phoenix DMR Network

We need to raise money urgently to pay for GB7AS. Please do support this repeater. Bank details available on request to do a bank transfer



GB7CF Wires X Linking now working

We now have the latest firmware available to use Wires X Linking on GB7CF. The system is installed and working well. A guide will hopefully be available soon for how wires x works. Thanks to Paul M0RNP for all of his testing.


Kent DMR Yahoo Group

We have setup a new YAHOOGROUP especially for DMR Discussion and GB7CK / GB7AS / GB7EK updates. On the group will be information, Updates, news on future Kent Repeaters, + help programming radios if needed.
If you are new to DMR, or interested in our projects, then please join the group.


Looking to Purchase DMR?

If you are looking to purchase a DMR Radio - visit Taylor made RF for a fast, friendly service.



FRG Promoting all Digital Modes!

We are lucky in Folkestone to have a FM Repeater with echolink (GB3FK), A Dstar Repeater (GB7FK-C), Fusion repeater (GB7CF), and DMR Repeater (GB7CK) DMR in Ashford (GB7AS). We hold regular talks and demo's to encorage use of the repeaters and learn how to use new technologies.


GB7CK - New DMR Repeater on the air 5/9/15

GB7FK B - DSTAR Repeater has been converted to a DMR Repeater using the callsign GB7CK - Tony M0VYW was the first local user to work the repeater just an hour after the repeater came on the air.
Talks, Demo's and assistance programming of radios will be arranged very soon



Subscription to the Folkestone Repeater Group

Subscription is now available to support the Folkestone Repeater Group. It is £10 per year.

Subscription is for Electricity costs for GB3FK, plus Insurance for all repeaters.

Fundraising for projects such as new hardware etc will continue seperately when required.

Signing up for Subscription takes just a few moments. Thank you for supporting the Repeaters.


Yaesu FTM-400 / FT1D APRS / Fusion Mobile Radio

Barry M3OYI in Folkestone has made an excellent video on the setting up of the Yaesu FTM-400 Fusion Radio. Also a demo on the radio on Fusion with local users Brian G3OJZ, and Chris M3OZP. Well Done Barry, check out his video here

For Barry's hints and Tips Video for the FTM-400 View this video

If you are using a FT1D Handheld View this video

If you want to setup APRS on the FTM-400 then view this video



The GB3FK Echolink Handbook

We are pleased to announce that the GB3FK Echolink Handbook is now available. The booklet contains information about GB3FK, how the repeater works, how echolink works on the repeater, how to install echolink on your home PC or smartphone and much more. the handbook is available to purchase online, it is printed in A5 Format. Price is just £6.00 per copy, postage is £1.50
GB3FK Echolink presentations are scheduled at both Folkestone and Dover during April and May 2013, where the booklets will also be on sale. Please do buy a booklet, all proceeds towards the Folkestone Repeater group. - Currently out of stock December 2017


Regular Nets

The FADARS - (Folkestone and District amateur radio society) Meet on GB3FK every Monday (except the first Monday of the month) The Net time is at 19:30hrs. Please feel free to join in via RF, or via Echolink, all are welcome.

We are hoping to hook up with the Maidstone club net which takes place on a Thursday evening. more details soon. The Maidstone club currently have the net via the following nodes:-

Callsign     Frequency           CTCSS          Node          Location

MB7IMS    145.2875 Mhz      77.0 Hz         265553      Maidstone
MB7IPH    145.2375 Mhz      77.0 Hz         254459      Headcorn



Weather Station at the Site of GB7FK


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